National Blog Day

October 4, 2007

     Is there a national blog day?  There should be.  A paid holiday to celebrate the phenomenon of the blog.  Instead of block parties that day…you would have blog parties, so this holiday should probably be in the winter.

Back off, I’m easing back into posting here…..its all I had this morning!


  1. Have you been going to the veterinary clinic for counseling again?

  2. Too funny, although I didn’t appreciate Matt’s comment as it made coffee come out my nose–you know the snort laugh, inhale the coffee, etc…!!

    And Jay, I did a “national blog day” google search, and there’s IS an actual day, May 5th–see this link http://tinkerbelle.wordpress.com/category/national-blog-day/


  3. Oops, I guess the day is May 11th. Had I actually READ the post (which was dated May 5th), I would have seen that. Sorry~k

  4. very interesting. i’m adding in RSS Reader

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