October 1, 2007

Writing for one week on every day was harder than I thought!!  But alas…here is Sunday’s breakdown.

3:30am…Ava wakes up struggling with some gas….I listened to her writhe around for a while..poor girl hadn’t gone number 2 in days…..that all changed while Allison was on her way to church…

4:30am…Alarm goes off, I stumble to the kitchen…debate the options…end up with cereal.

Head downstairs to iron clothes for the day…I want to invent a self ironing closet. 

Shower, dress, should have shaved…out the door at around 5:30.

Got to church at 6:15, go over my notes, pray, think through the two different services for that morning.

7:00 is the bulk of band and singers arrive, we pray, and primarily go over the 9am service.  It was a bittersweet day…Steve Mielke was on the team singing and playing the guitar….and that was the last time I"ll get to serve with him…he’s off to Texas.

The service went well…but the part I’ll remember forever was when I failed to communicate properly to our drummer at the end that we were cutting the songs short….and a nice drum solo ensued that eventually ended quite awkwardly.  WILLIAM I AM SO SO SORRY!

After the 11am service we had the privilege of praying with some people, and talked to many others.  At around 1:00 Allison headed home with Ava (the first time Ava came to church!!), and Macy and I went to Pizzacato to get some grub to go.  All the way home Macy told me a story that she was making up as we went along.  We stopped off at Starbuck’s to get Allison her favorite drink…so while I was there…I got mine 🙂

Around 3 Macy went down for a short nap.  (No sleeping actually happened.)  Me on the other hand?  I slept no problem!  It was short lived…in and out of a football game…then Macy came in at 4 and wanted to wrestle. 

Allison went to be with a friend in crisis at around 6, and Macy and Ava and I listened to Ava cry most of the evening.  Allison came home a little after 8 and rescued me!

Dallas and I played some Halo 3, and then eventually I watched a movie with Allison (She fell asleep about 15 minutes in).  It was called "Facing Giants".  The acting was on par with an after school special on ABC..but overall the movie was actually quite encouraging!!

Here’s the last oldie pic…roller coasters are one of my favorite things in life…not so much for Allison.




  1. I actually loved the drum solo. I had hoped Ron was about to do a dance up the aisle! Do a rap version of the benediction or something.

  2. Roller coasters…I hope we can be on one together someday soon. 😉

  3. Be thankful that you got stuff to write about. Wish my days were that interesting!

    OK let me try:

    8:30 Parked my car and walk to the building

    8:40 Turned on my computer, get my coffee

    8:45-5:00 Run Reports, open email, look at spreadsheets…work through lunch, meetings, run some more reports and spreadsheets.

    6:00 Arrive at home with my Panda Express $6.75 combo dinner….eat and watch TV…check email.

    11:00 Sleep.

    See?? Boring, right? 🙂

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