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September 29, 2007

Two more days of a week in a life…today..and tomorrow…then I’ll go back to blogging more like once a week.

Slept in till 7:45…then savored the comfort of bed till more like 8:30…I love Saturday.

Got ready and then went to my brother Josh’s house to help him move.  I’m so glad I’m not currently moving…too much work!!   

Did this till about 12:00..then came home to watch the girls because Allison was going to go to a shower…but then she ended up taking the girls.  So I went to my brother-in-laws to watch the part of the Oregon came until I was supposed to be at the "after shower" potluck.  So sad Oregon….so sad.

It’s 7pm..basically just got back from that potluck, feeling…bloated.   

Putting Macy to bed…then who knows…but I do have to get up at 4:30am so bedtime is in my near future…

Here’s today’s oldy pic…a fishing trip…with Pearce, Ace, Jason Knifong and Dan, it was good times.