September 28, 2007

Easy day to write about…

Got to work at 9…answered email furiously before a 9:30 appointment.

After the appointment I began to do my main Friday job..which is to load on the website the materials for the band and vocalists so they can have there music and notes to prepare for a weekend.  Its a very tedious process….but I don’t mind it…it’s a nice break for the many meetings and practices etc that the rest of the week holds. 

I worked on this till about 11:30..then went out to lunch with Kurt Brandemihl…was going to go from there to another lunch appointment with Robert Hawthorne…had to cancel because had to make sure I got the pack done today and I knew I had hours to go…

Got done with the pack…and then tried to beat rush hour by getting on the road at 4pm….but not before Karen S. dropped in and gave me COLD STONE COUPONS!  Thanks Karen…my gut and I thank you..

Bad idea….1 hour and 46 minutes later….arrived at home close to 6pm.  Ouch. 

Picked up my favorite Pizza for Allison and Macy and I..Big Apple.  They changed management…not so great pizza anymore…we’re sad.

Then I blogged these two days…

Tonight?  Hang with the fam.  Maybe catch a late movie…maybe play some Halo 3, maybe Coldstone?  I should exercise…but its not gonna happen….I’m not in the mood!

Here’s the picture for today…Oldies_027b I picked the three whitest people on earth to take this picture with so that I looked tan.  Sorry Kim, Dallas, Josh.



  1. Daily blogging…big ups man. I’m lucky if I get two or three done in a month. You’re inspiring me…and nice digging through the photo albums lately, too.

  2. Seth! Forgot you blogged…just gave you a link.

  3. I was on that ride like 5 days ago.

    And I am still that white.

  4. What? Big Apple changed management? That’s the worst news of the weekend.

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