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September 27, 2007

So I changed my too late my account of Thursday.

Got up at 7:30…worked out…headed to work..had a 10:30 meeting with a couple people….had some stuff to work out…went well. Sound vague?  Sorry.  The whole confidentiality thing.

Then I had a 11:00am staff administration meeting…we discussed everything from the ministry calender to what we need for service planning tools to just an update on how people’s areas of ministry were going.  After that I went to Michael Sainz our IT guy and good friend’s birthday lunch at The Cheese Cake Factory.

In the afternoon I did several things, one of which was rewrite and add to Worship’s report that will be shared in the Annual Meeting coming up on Oct 28th.  The deadline was Thursday…I thought we were done but then found out it needed to be longer with a slightly different focus to match what the other ministries were writing…so back to keyboard I went.   I also prepared to lead devotions in practice which is on Thursday night.  I also had my devos…and I went over my stuff for practice to make sure I was ready and could do a good job leading through the songs.  Which I ended up not doing so great but that happens some times.   I worked on my email inbox…which has been horribly overloaded lately…but I got it down to manageable.  At about 5:30 I spent a little time talking on IM with Allison and Macy…and then packed up to head to the other side of the building…for practice.

Practice starts at 6:00…with the worship leader, tech leaders, sound guys, etc talking through how the night will go…then at 6:30 band starts to show up and get plugged in….at 6:45 we talk through the evening as a through transitions…songs that we know will take extra attention etc…and then pray.  Then the vocalists show….we give them a sound check…then everyone involved in a weekend meets in the green room…usually about 20plus of us…and we have devos together.

After that the band has their sound check while the vocals go through some things in another room…then we join each other and work on a few songs until its time to actually run through the service exactly how it will go on Sunday.  We do this primarily for the sound guys, the lighting guys, power…so they can know how things flow and help make our Sunday flow well and minimize distractions..and hopefully create an environment where people are just free to worship God….and things like microphones or wrong power point slides or a camera focused on someone’s neck doesn’t pull people out of worship!

Practice usually goes to about 9:30pm…..and then there is some talking and debriefing…usually leave the building close to 10pm.

Got home….watched Survivor with Allison and Macy, Allison had taped it…went to sleep….

Is anyone reading this?