September 24, 2007

O.K…so the one lame thing about trying to do this..is I have a horrible memory for detail…and I’m tired….but here is the best recollection of today’s events…

Slept in…till like 9…which felt really really good…

Macy comes in our room in the morning…wanting to wrestle…or watch a movie..this morning it was a little different, she had some Popsicle sticks that she wanted to play with..so we went out in the living room and played with them. 

Then I made breakfast…which is typically a shake….92407_020 how’s that for a photo? During the shake I read a few blogs…and espn…which is typical for me in the morning.

Throughout the day, including after the shake..Macy and I read chapters of our 3rd Little House on the prairie book..On the shores of Silver Lake.   

92407_012 This is our favorite spot to read…we call it the comfy chair.

Today Macy was getting a kick out of blocking my view while I read…and then I would find a way to weave her hand or the back of her head into the story line…and she would laugh.


After the story…some relatives from New Zealand who were in town stopped by.  Aunt Donanne and Uncle Jerry.

92407_003 We had a great visit…and we gave them some of the dessert that Allison made last night…that I spent the entire day avoiding…I would pick it up..smell it…once I even barely tasted it…but I was able to not eat it..somehow…at least while I’m typing this…but there is still time…

After they left…Macy and I read some more…than it was lunch time.  I had a chicken soft taco….which I have for lunch 99% of the time that I am home.

After Macy went down for her nap..I had devotions and journal-ed, and then fell asleep for a bit…in the comfy chair.  Macy didn’t sleep long…and eventually came and woke me up by jumping on me.

I then went downstairs to work out to my recently purchased DVD system…its a three month program..once I made it 2 months…then another time I made it 1 month…currently I have begun week 2. 🙂

After that it was nearly dinner time…Allison made some awesome chicken….while that was happening Macy and I read yet another chapter…and then we researched some cool animals on line…today was Badgers and Ant Eaters…that was fun until somehow we stumbled onto a story where an anteater ripped into a zoo keepers stomach….ya….

After dinner I took some pics of Allison and Ava…here’s one….out of 26 trys…Allison said this was the only good one.  I’m not a photographer…

092407_015 After the not so successful photography session….I went to run some errands…and told Macy that if she was ready when I got back…we would play some xbox together when I got back.  I have downloaded some free trial kid games and she absolutely loves one called Ecco the Dolphin.  When I got back…she was looking out the window….telling me that she was ready to play.  So we did for a while.  Then I prayed with Macy and tucked her into bed…where she urged me to read yet another chapter…but I said no…

Allison and I hung out for a while.

At the moment I am watching Heroes as I write this…and I will continue to try and avoid the dessert that Allison made…

Tonight before bed my goal is to pray with Allison…

And finally…I leave you with another pic from the past….

Rebecca_st_james_6303_011 This is Allison and I with Rebecca Saint James in 04.



  1. Christina, Josh and I really loved reading the Little House books. So great!

  2. At least you weren’t making your shake in your boxers. That would have been awkward… like your face.

  3. One time I caught RSt James’ bass player’s pick at the Salem Armory. I thought I was cool, of course that was 7th grade.

  4. Did you like Heroes?

    Did you eat the dessert?

    Did you pray with Ali?

  5. loved Heroes
    didn’t eat the dessert
    Did NOT pray with Allison…
    Ask me again tomorrow about tonight…

  6. Macy is a lucky girl… loved hearing what your Monday is! Was this the Salem Armory concert? Mo and I were there… Fusebox and some boy band too?

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