September 14, 2007


I am so excited about today!  It is really an answer to prayer.  Some guys from church, Kurt, Aaron, Kent, Michael and Brian and I are heading to the beach!

Our purpose?

To form a stronghold of relationships together to spur each other on in our faith.  We will get to know each other better this weekend…and then randomly break into two groups of three who will meet weekly…whose main purpose is to sharpen each other in our pursuit of living for Jesus.

So bring on the beach! 



  1. Be nice to my husband please… and don’t prank him too much, you silly man!

    Have fun!

  2. Try to have fun without me.

  3. Hey Jay, Macy and I did some things together, and she also has something to tell you, about something I bought. Hopefully, she will not forget. She was so much fun to have over today. We did stuff together, one of which was Hide and Go seek. she counted to 41. When she hid, she locked the door on me so I could not find her. She is a pleasure to be around. Bob

  4. Jenni, you had better hope Jay does not prank your husband, like he did Dallas maybe 10 or 11 yrs ago. The police showed up at our door with Dallas at 2:30 am. I can laugh now, but then, I told Dallas we would have a man to man talk in the morning. Bob

  5. You and Kurt must be sharing a romantic view of haystack rock together. You both put up that picture.

    I’m glad you guys are forming a group…two groups…THE group! Carry on good works!

  6. apparently you didn’t get my text about handholding and listening to Celine Dion…

  7. You are the next generation of church leaders – in 10-20 years you will be “us” – do this so you don’t screw it up like so many of “us” did!

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