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Ava birth…looking back one month later

September 1, 2007


Looking back one month later

This was it….finally. It was finally time for Ava to be born. Not sure how it happened….but Allison was the first women in history to have a 2 year pregnancy.  At least that is what it felt like!  For her of course, it was not about me J.  I remember wishing it was not at Providence…but then when we saw our room I thought to myself this is gonna work out.  It was huge!  Lame TV set up..but I fixed that up with some extra earphone wires and some portable speakers.  With the addition of wireless and a recently upgraded Vista laptop..our room was good to go.

The C section was so unknown.  Sure we had read about it…knew all we could know…but Allison still had to endure it..and she never had before.  I was scared for her.  But she is always so strong about stuff like that.  I almost wish she needed me more for strength.  Almost.

I remember Macy was UNBELIEVABLY good about everything.  Her attitude was the same as if we were going to Disneyland.  She was so caught up, so excited…so bonded with us.  It was remarkable.  So I’m remarking about it.

I had to wait for Allison to get prepped and ready in the OR before I could come in.  Those few moments alone waiting I didn’t like.  It made me worry a little..and run through all the possibilities, which my brain is good at.  At last they called me in to the room.  The first thing I notice is that they are playing Rescue through the speakers in the OR…that was a trip.  The second thing I notice is the curtain set up was such that I would not be able to see what was going on.  I sat near Allison’s head and got to hold her hand.  She was fully alert, though numbed appropriately.  I was nervous for her…watching every eyebrow twitch and feeling every hand squeeze as they did what they do down at her stomach.  I kept thinking about Seinfeld when Kramer dropped a piece of candy in someone being operated on.   Thankfully I didn’t have any. 

When they told me to look….they were vacuuming Ava out…well at that time her name was Miley I think.  Anyway..they were vacuuming her out of a very small incision.  And soon to be named Ava didn’t look so good.  Sort of like a baby syth lord from Star Wars.  And she was mad…really mad.  Apparently she had not signed any kind of release to have her body vacuumed out, and if she had…she hadn’t put it on her calendar and completely forgot that today was that day.

It was so very different from the Macy experience.  I remember the newness of life…the complete adventure that was Macy’s birth.  This one felt different.  This one was more about moving on to the next chapter so that Allison could start feeling better…and also the adventure of seeing how Ava would be different than Macy.

Allison blew me away during our (I mean her) first few days of recovery.  She was tough.  And she did so well, even with some nurses that talked to her like she was twelve.  That was rough…I had to bite my lip like you would not believe. 

Ava continued to impress me with her ability to scream, though now she was beautiful and not like a baby syth lord from star wars.   Macy would come and go from various grandparents…each time a joy to see and be around.

We had lots of friends come and visit, but overall I had wished much more would have come, but it was probably for the best since Allison did a lot of sleeping.  I made many trips to the cafeteria, Starbucks, and an amazing pizza place close to the hospital.  I gained approximately nine pounds in our short stay there.

Allison had to take Vicatin…which helped with the pain…but knocked her silly and gave her headaches.  She came up with her own detox plan at home…shrinking her dosages and eventually weaning off with no trouble. 

Back to the name thing.  So…we didn’t have a name for the baby.   For weeks heading into the birth, Allison kept lamenting over the fact that she just wasn’t excited about anything.  I was pretty excited about a few…including Cassidy, Madison, Camryn, Maya, and some others.  Well…the baby was born..and still no name.  During one of the times Allison was out of it…I was holding the baby who at that time I was convinced would default to the name Madison.  I started scrolling through the names though in my head and looking at her face.  One of the names Allison had mentioned early on was Ava.  When I got to Ava…and saw….Ava….it was a match.  I then changed the default name from Madison to Ava. 

My plan was to take care of this for Allison, since she couldn’t make up her mind anyway….and on Vicatin she might end up naming the baby something like Vision or Bed Pan anyway.  Well…this didn’t go over so well.  This didn’t go over at all.  There were many awkward conversations when people came to visit about the fact that Ava was her name.  I texted…emailed…blogged the name.  They announced it in church that Sunday while we were in the hospital.  I told Allison repeatedly…if she wanted to change it…she could.  She did.  To Miley.  Which rhymes with smiley.  Which I wasn’t.   For some reason all I could see was an Annie musical with that name….a weak little girl who was so cute that pink was almost too manly to wear…it would have to be colors like Mint Julep or Creamy Teddy Bear Beige.

But Miley it was.  I texted, emailed…blogged again.   Then we talked some more.  Back to Ava….more blogs.   Eventually……Ava stood.  (She didn’t stand, her name did).   Even to this day though (approx a month later)…Allison is not sure she will stay Ava, we’ll have to see if she makes it a year.  She has called Ava Macy, Maya, and Miley, and Madison all by accident.  I told Allison she could still change it.  (Just not Miley)

Bringing Ava home was so cool.  Macy was so cute…showing her her room,  and being the tour guide to Ava’s new turf.  Today….was the first day that I got Ava to smile at me while I made a fool out of my self with facial contortions and alien sounds.  I got her to smile twice!  Not enough to officially be called Miley, but it made my heart skip a beat.  I look forward to our new family of four and what this year will bring.  Thank You God for Ava.