The voices

August 13, 2007

Ava_and_daddy_028_copy So…during this photo shoot….Ava pooped on me….peed on me three times….spit up on me, I feel like I’m leaving something out. 

It felt good to be back at Sunset yesterday.  I had really missed being there.  I was rusty to say the least….weak vocally, didn’t lead the band very well, but…..nonetheless…it was so good to be back.

Today Macy and I took down a yellow jacket bee hive.  Well, I did.  Macy came out when I was pretty much done to assess the damage.  I think they are just going to rebuild it.  It was pretty big.  About the size of a volleyball.  I used a garden hose from long range. 

I’m on a bit of a crusade.  When Ted Roberts was at our church, he talked about the voices in your head that whisper discouragement, failure, destruction.  He talked about defining those voices, and figuring out where they come from, what happened in your life for the voices to start.  Well, let me be the first to tell you, I have those voices ALL THE TIME.  But honestly…..I don’t know what life event some of  mine point to.  Which bugs me.  Wish I could just say, "Oh…well my dad left."  Or…"It all goes back to the accident."   But I don’t have those things, the obvious ones anyway.   So its going to take some work.  I’m seriously considering counseling.  Wonderful thing to put in a blog huh?   Anyone know of a good one they would recommend?




  1. Maybe you’re having the postpartum blues. But aren’t you glad your dad didn’t leave? Maybe you’ve forgotten the “accident”. Sorry, I don’t know a good counselor, but I’ll bet one of your bloggin’ friends does.

    Look at those beautiful women in your life every time the voices come!

  2. We’re all messed up.

    Everyone here seems to like Dr. Phil.

    And, he’s close to your office 🙂

  3. When I say, “we’re all messed up”, I mean, we all have issues and you’re not alone 🙂

  4. Oops..that was me, not Josh.

  5. I second Jos’ recommendation of Dr Phil. He helped me through a very dark time, and I don’t know if I could have made it without him.

    And she’s right…you can’t beat the location 🙂


  6. First – it was GREAT to have you back on Sunday. Felt like things were back to “normal” – whatever that is! Who knows anymore?

    Second – voices?? Oh yes, they are everywhere in my head too! I’ve blogged about that before too.

    Don’t know too many counselors that aren’t female..I’m guessing your looking for one of the male variety?

    Praying for you friend…

  7. I think we all need a bit of counseling. It takes a big man to step up and actually do that though!

    I hope you know we all support you.

    (btw… I’ve been in counseling for quite some time now. I just keep hoping one day I’ll be normal.)

  8. I think I’ve basically been forbidden to speak of such things, but your bicep is GINORMOUS in this photo…
    and on the topic of voices in your head, when you’re wired open enough to hear God’s voice, you’ll hear others…
    heart you and glad you’re back

  9. Just make those voices sing in harmony. That is something that you are VERY good at! ;o)

    Great pic that you took of ‘The Scream’, on Allison’s blog! Love it!

  10. Last time I asked the voices in my head, I ended up eating about thirty tacos.

    Yeah- It’s only Wednesday, and I’m bored out of my pants!

  11. look at those guns

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