July 29, 2007

Ava_maybe_1 Last night was a reminder of what we are in for for awhile, and that is  unpredictable nights when it comes to sleep. 

Allison is doing well.  She has not thrown up once, which is awesome.  She is quite sore to be sure, but she can already get up and use the restroom without my help which is pretty amazing after major surgery.

Ava is really really small!  I forgot how small Macy was…and now Macy seems huge!  Ava_also_030

Speaking of Macy….I can tell she’s trying to sort all this out..and she really really missed yesterday.  It was so nice to have her stay with us last night in the hospital.  All though she did tell me the baby was too loud…and that we were up too late…so tonight she would like to sleep somewhere else thank you very much!

Ava_also_060_2 Thank you so much to all of you who have stopped by in the last couple days!  It has been awesome seeing you and we feel very loved.  I can’t wait to go home, I’d rather be tired there than here!

Not complaining though…not with Julie heading for open heart surgery tomorrow!

Julie, we are praying for you…and if Ava could pray she would be too!

Ava_maybe_3 Ava_maybe_4_2 


  1. What a great photo of Jay holding both girls….Ava’s eyes open and everything….How does Kim do this? Hope tonight goes smoother for you all. I wish we would have gotten a picture of Macy rubbing lotion on Allison’s feet. What a wonderful daughter she is.

    Love and prayers,

    Jody (and Kendy)

  2. Great pictures and update, Jay. I can’t wait to see you guys again!

  3. Ok, i want a daughter now. Too stinkin cute dude.

  4. I’m excited for our baby girl in Dec. Look foward to seeing Y’all soon. (Or at least I think you hang with us.)

  5. I wish that you could have heard everyone cheer this morning, when the birth of Ava was announced at church! Your family is loved SO MUCH by so many! Beautiful pictures!

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