Approaching the 500th comment…

July 6, 2007

So I still feel fairly new to the blog scene…and my good friend Matt inspired me when he posted that he would give a prize out for whomever gave the 500th comment on his blog.  Now…let me just say that Matt’s actual prize was not that inspiring. No offense Matt.   In Matt’s defense…he did give away 1000 free spinvox accounts on his blog…which is the coolest thing ever…so I guess he totally redeemed himself.  I am rapidly approaching the 500th comment on my blog….and I too am offering a prize.  I can’t say that it will be any better than Matt’s was…but I’m hoping to get some sponsors together and come up with something cool…anyone want to sponsor this momentous occasion?


  1. I’ll sponsor you! How about me baking or cooking something special for the 500th? I’d have to think of something else if Luke is the 500th. Vicki

  2. I will sponsor you! I will teach the winner how to play the guitar. Oh wait…I failed at my own attempts to learn.


  3. When people don’t practice guitar, they fail miserably.

    I don’t want to sponsor anything. I just want to win whatever it is you have to give!

    I’m a taker.

  4. As the winner of the Matt Singley 500th comment prize, I can’t disagree with your assessment of the prize. With so much buildup, it set certain… expectations. Which were not met. At all.

  5. No comment.

  6. I want to know how you figure out how many comments you have. Is that just a typepad thing or can I do that on blogger?

  7. Jay, if it’s not too late, I’d love to sponsor you! I had a dream last night about this, and though I cannot possibly compete with Vicki’s cookies, or a video tribute … or even guitar lessons, I would like to donate a $50 Circuit City gift card. And it hasn’t even expired! : )
    Love, aunt carol

  8. ok..that is the coolest thing ever…so so far the winner will get not only an awesome dessert from Vicki…and she can cook!! BUT…they will also be getting a $50 dollar gift card to circuit city…thank to my aunt Carol!!! Wow….

    Kristi….not sure about blogger..but typepad on the control page lets me view all that kind of stuff…

  9. I don’t need to win something I just miss you and your family so I like to say hello.

  10. Darn..I don’t think blogger keeps track. I guess if I really want to know, I’ll have to count. You forgot to mention the free guitar lesson from Matt as a reward. =)

  11. Ummm… I’m REALLY tired, but I’m counting on this comment to be #500!

  12. Having been blessed many times with Vicki’s baking, I had to post with the possibility of being number 500…..I can throw in two movie passes to the growing prize list as well!
    Mark and I really enjoy your blog and visit often. Inspiring, funny and informative……well done.

  13. I’m going to keep commenting as well..it’s now up to a movie, circuit city and dessert? I’m SO in!

  14. By the way. I really like your new profile pic.

  15. I’m throwing my name into the ring because cookies are my weakness!! I’d take cookies over a week of showers!! But that’s not much of a sacrifice since I don’t like taking showers 😉

  16. Aren’t Luke’s comments cracking you up?!

  17. Is this the 500th comment? Did I finally win something?

  18. nope…not yet….no winner yet….

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