I hate goodbyes

May 18, 2007

One of the best things about my job is the people I work with.  One of those people has been Robert Hawthorne..who has led the choir at Sunset for the last year and a half.  Robert is resigning…here is Robert in his own words.

Dear Sunset Community,

I have tendered my resignation as director of New Covenant Choir, effective the end of the choir season on May 20th. What a joy it has been to serve in this capacity over the last year and a half. It was an unexpected appointment to direct the choir, one born out of an immediate need for a director and a calling I felt to serve in that hour of need. After 22 years of music ministry in other churches, the time with New Covenant was clearly the most meaningful. Working with Jay and Julie was a pure delight. As choir director at Southridge High School and the father of two young children, the combination has been more than I can handle. God is calling me to devote my energy at this time to my family and to Southridge. Wendy and I, along with our two children, Hannah and Isaac will continue to worship at Sunset, as we call Sunset our home. What was needed to get New Covenant back on it’s feet has been accomplished. Thank you for supporting me and New Covenant in our ministry.

Yours in the service of Christ,

Robert Hawthorne

It is rare that you get a chance to work with someone with as much care, compassion, and integrity as this man Robert has.  He has taught me so much, and he has taught our choir so much.  I count him as a dear friend, and I am so so grateful that he is not leaving Sunset!!

I am now praying about and searching for what and who God has next for this choir ministry at Sunset.  Whomever God brings will have a strong foundation to build on thanks to Robert.


One comment

  1. Robert has brought musical excellence and his caring heart to the New Covenant Choir!

    I know the horrendous schedule of commitments that our choir director at Westview has and can imagine that his must be similar. I honestly do not know how he has managed this (leading the church choir) for such a long period.

    He is acting on Ron’s message of “Life’s too short to work too much.” It is a difficult but wise decision. He certainly has our family’s deep appreciation and endorsement of his newly announced decision.

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