May 4, 2007

So many things point to how awesome God is….and to me one of the biggest is laughter and humor.  I’m thrilled that He created the universe, has ultimate power, defeated death, loves me and I could go on and on.  But I’m so thankful that God created laughter. 

I imagine that Jesus is quick and generous with His smile.  And that if He were talking to me now, He would know exactly what to say to make me laugh no matter what.  Much the same way I can do with my daughter Macy when she’s upset. At least until she’s a teenager.  When I think about the people I’m closest to in life, it’s usually people that among other things I can laugh with freely.

This weekend at my church the theme is Life is too short not to laugh a lot.  I’m going to sit in the front row and laugh loudly and obnoxiously the whole service before Ron even finishes his sentences.  Just to support the theme.  Just kidding.

Here is a short list of proof God has a hilarious sense of humor.

*He made our armpits ticklish. He didn’t have to do that.

*Nose hair.  Do we really need it?  If so why do I keep trimming mine?

*Certain baboon body parts, the way penguins walk, and turtle’s necks….I could go on forever about animals.

*Have you ever really just stared at someone’s nose for a good two minutes?  I guarantee you if you concentrate completely on their nose and in particular the nostrils you will eventually laugh.  Images

*He designed our bodies, which means, He designed the fart.

Any more examples of God’s sense of humor?  I’d love to read them!


One comment

  1. Um, if you ask me, pretty much any part of the male anatomy…am I allowed to say that?

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