I wish

April 17, 2007

So now I’m following up "I believe" with a similar random thoughts post called I wish.  Hopefully no one knows cheesy songs that start with "I wish".

*I wish 30 minutes ago I hadn’t pigged out on Cadbury chocolate eggs, graham crackers with almond butter and honey,  chocolate pudding and probably something else I can’t remember now.

*I wish I could somehow hear all of Macy’s funny comments all day and still go to work.  (Tonight when we were watching American Idol, and Blake came on…she said  "I love that guy, I love how he goes (and then she tried to beat box)".  It was priceless.  Then when Sanjaya (sp?) came on she said "No, NO!"

*I wish everything I say I believe, I actually backed up with all my actions.

*I wish I lived in a country where they had not invented junk food.

*I wish I would never let my stress or frustrations cause me to lash out at people I love.

*I wish I knew how to access the peace of Christ at all times.  Or I guess better said I wish I would access it all the time.

*I wish I had more time to spend with my friends.

*I wish I was asleep a half hour ago. 


  1. I’m sure that if I thought about it for even a minute I could come up with an “I wish” song…but I’ll spare everybody.

    Good thoughts! A couple of them hit home with me too. Except the part about me hearing Macy’s funny comments all day long. I’m sure I would love them too, but it would be weird. I’m going to change that one to one of my kid’s names to take out the weird factor.

    Don’t you just love Cadbury eggs? I do.

  2. Rather than saying I hadn’t just eaten that, wouldn’t it be better to say I wish cadbury eggs (my favorite candy ever that I didn’t even have one of this Easter!) made me lose weight. Or I wish there were a cadbury egg diet. Mmmmm…cadbury egg diet.

  3. How many eggs did you eat? Am I the only person who thinks those things are nasty? ew.

  4. I personally have to eat Cadbury eggs in stages, a little bit at a time. Otherwise I go into a sugar coma, and my mouth feels all furry…

    “Hopefully no one knows any cheesy songs that start with “I wish”~~that’s just a challenge in the making 🙂

  5. “I wish I were a little bar of soap (bar of soap) I wish I were a little bar of soap( bar of soap) I’d go scrubby dubby dubby in the little tubby tubby oh I wish I were a little bar of soap.”
    All kidding aside- I wish all of those things too. But I do not like Cadbury eggs. I get furry too.

  6. “I wish you would just shut up.”

    Napoleon Dynamite

  7. BTW – I like the new pic, I think its the best one of you yet.

  8. Probably too late now, but the Cadbury chocolate eggs are the mini ones – maybe 10 pastel shaped eggs (with really good chocolate inside)per package…totally good.

    I wish…well, you know what I wish!

  9. I know a song that starts with I wish. You hear it alot in the deli. “I wish I were an Oscar Meyer weiner….” Now you know why I want to remain anonymous.

  10. I wish…Jay would write blogs more often…

  11. Hey, this is radio station W-S-K-E-E
    We’re takin’ calls off the wish line
    Making all your wacky wishes come true


    I wish I was little bit taller,
    I wish I was a baller
    I wish I had a girl who looked good
    I would call her
    I wish I had a rabbit in a hat with a bat
    and a ’64 Impala

    Looking back on when i
    Was a little nappy headed boy
    Then my only worry
    Was for christmas what would be my toy
    Even though we sometimes
    Would not get a thing
    We were happy with the
    Joy the day would bring

    Sneaking out the back door
    To hang out with those hoodlum friends of mine
    Greeted at the back door
    With boy thought I told you not to go outside,
    Tryin your best to bring the
    Water to your eyes
    Thinkin it might stop her
    From woopin your behind

    I wish those days could come back once more
    Why did those days ev-er have to go
    I wish those days could come back once more
    Why did those days ev-er have to go
    Cause I love them so

  12. i wish i didn’t laugh every time i see that picture at the top of your blog.

    That look says SO many things.

    Oh… Jay McKenney… how I love thee!

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