Forgiven Much

March 9, 2007

It’s a rainy Friday morning and I’m in a weird mood.  I’m hungry.  Spiritually hungry. And physically hungry but what else is new?! I spent most of this last week struggling to find connection with God.  I struggled to get in the Word, struggled to pray.   I’m always amused at myself when this happens.  Amused because of how foolish I can be when I venture into days on my own strength.  The image that just came to my head is it’s like a little boy running out into the middle of a war scene like you see in the movies.  Picture a four year old and the most epic battle in Braveheart.  Kinda like that.

Today I read about the women who came and poured perfume on the feet of Jesus. (Luke 7)  He was at a Pharisees house, eating dinner, when this prostitute came in.  The scene astounds me, as I imagine I would react with as much discomfort as the Pharisee did.  But I LOVE what Jesus says to the man, about why this lady was showering Him with love.  Because she realized how much she had been forgiven for.  And the Pharisee didn’t.

Who will I be today?  The self-righteous Pharisee who can’t see through his own pride, or the humble sinner who has at least some clue of the reality of God’s forgiveness in his or her life?  Who will you be?


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