10 reasons people hate to go to church

March 5, 2007

I just got a beautiful color ad in the mail from a local church…Harvest Christian Church in Troutdale where I live.


The ad gives the top 10 reasons people don’t go to church…and then a short caption about their church.  Very clever, and very engaging.  Way to go Harvest!

Here is the list with their responses.

#10 The Music is Boring.

Answer: I think I might have been to that church too. Ours has never been called that.

#9. The Pews are hard.

Answer: 4inch foam padded chairs…very nice!

#8. All they do is ask for money.

Answer: We don’t even pass an offering plate.  (I wish we could change that at Sunset too!)

#7. If I went to church, the roof would cave in!

Answer: They have building codes for that one now.

#6. I went to church once but didn’t like it.

Answer: I had a bad taco once…but I still go out to eat.  Give us a try and see what you think.

#5. They will give me a name tag or ask me to pray.

Answer: No name tags, no standing and introducing yourself.  You are our guest….grab a coffee from the lobby..come in and relax. 

#4. Christians are all hypocrites.

Answer: I suppose some are. That’s a shame. Come visit Harvest.  No pretense……No show…..No claim of perfection.  Just real people serving a real God!

#3. Christianity is just a big crutch. 

Answer: If a crutch is something you lean on and depend on for real life struggles and issues…..then I guess it is.

#2. Sunday is my only day to sleep in.

Answer:  There are a lot of good churches in town with Saturday evening services…or…come to our 2nd service at 11am

#1. Christianity is just a big list of fun things you are not supposed to do.

Answer: Oh, I have a great answer for that one. To read it or get great info on our beliefs or on ministries, go to: www.harvestworld.com

Way to go Harvest…love the ad…and love what you are doing to reach out and engage the community.


  1. Mike and I thought it was really good as well. We looked at it and actually stood in the parking lot of our apartments reading it! It is the first ad in a LONG time that didnt end up right in our trash.

  2. I like that… A LOT!

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