The Winner

February 21, 2007


Days before making it five months of no Diet Coke…Jay gave in to the silver bullet and indulged in a tall cold glass of the bubbly with bite.  Thus handing the victory to one DONNA KENNISH.  He put up a good fight…but in the end did not have what it took to compete head to head with who some are now calling the anti-coke. 

Way to go Donna.  We’re proud of you, and here’s to you making it a whole year.  (insert image of me pouring a bucket of diet coke down my mouth)



  1. No, here’s to YOU making it THE REST OF THE YEAR without drinking any more diet coke!Love you babe

  2. I proud of you for making it this far. Much better man than I could ever be. I’m sure it felt so wonderful going down.

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