The heart of the matter

February 9, 2007


This new year has been quite an adventure for our church.  We have stuck our feet in the water of change, and at times the water has felt warm and inviting, and at times it has felt cold and numbing.

As I have watched, listened, experienced, rejoiced, cried, lost sleep, and stumbled along in blind faith at times over this last month a half, some things are becoming clearer and clearer to me.

And those things have everything to do with my heart, your heart, and the heart of God.  At the end of the day, no matter what programs, styles, service times, service formats, clothing, lighting, volume, hymn, chorus, or hair color changes around here, what matters MOST is what’s going on internally, in each one of us, not externally. 

So what is the condition of your heart today?  I can tell you this, regardless of how you or I would answer that question, the heart of the God we serve is intact, beating as strong as ever, overflowing with love, strength, justice, mercy, grace and compassion.  He loves His church, and He loves you.  And He is supremely interested in the condition of our hearts, the status of our relationship to Him. 

If your heart feels like it has taken a beating lately, you’re not alone.  Now, more than ever, I must, you must, we must, seek out the heart of the Lord.  And now more than ever, loving each other in the process is going to be our key to a bright future as a church.

Psalm 73:26 
My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.



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