January 5, 2007


Can God communitcate directly today? I believe strongly that God’s primary means of speaking to us in this day and age is His living and active Word, the Bible, but can He speak directly to us as well?

It has been four years since Allison and I have had a child.  At this point it looks as if we aren’t going to make it to five years. (Yes…this means we are having another!!)  What is amazing about this as if new life itself isn’t amazing enough, is that before I even knew, my daughter Macy told my wife that she had a baby in her tummy.  She had never said anything like this…and she said it…one hour after the new baby was conceived!!  Allison for a host of reasons did not think there was any possibility of truth to that statement.  Well, day after day went by..and Macy kept saying the same thing…until finally Allison asked, “Macy…why do you keep saying that?”  Macy replied, “Because I got a message from God”.  Well..whatever it was, it was right, and sometime in August Macy will officially become a big sister.  Ultra_sound  

She’s sketchy on the details.  Yes…of course I probed to see if God had told her anything else!  Apparently Allison will have this package in about eight hours and her “sister” will be going with us on our trip to Disneyland at the end of the month.  (I guess part of that is true, the baby will ride along with us to California!) We’ll see if she’s right on the sister part.

p.s. The hint on the previous post was to throw you off…although celebrating with Cold Stone is not a bad idea.  And that ultra sound picture is not ours…I got it off the internet.  For all I know it could be an ultra sound of a Duck-billed Platypus. 


  1. I knew it! Congratulations you guys, I am out my head excited! I’ve been praying for many months for this!

  2. Oh..and heck yes, God still talks to us directly! I’ve had many conversations with Him.

  3. me too….I just like to put it in the form of a rhetorical question!

  4. Jay, I am so happy for you and Ali and Macy. Yes, God still does talk to us…directly! You and I have spoken about this before. What an awesome blessing. I can’t even express how much joy I feel for your family right now. WTG!

  5. I can’t even begin to describe how excited I am for you and Allison (and “God’s messenger”)! I could not hold back the tears! Of joy, of course! This is an answer to MANY prayers!!!!

  6. YAY!!! I don’t want to say “I’m excited for you” because everyone else has. So instead, I will say this:


  7. This is fabulous and it is always very cool to me hear about God speaking directly to people. He definitely has spoken to me before.

  8. Hooray!!! What a blessing! congrats and my prayers will be with this little one!!

  9. Hooray!!! What a blessing! congrats and my prayers will be with this little one!!

  10. I read Allison’s post first, and showed Kirk the pic of the new baby… Ha! I am SO EXCITED for all of you!!

  11. So so so awesome! Congratulations to your family!

  12. Congrats McKenneys! What a sly way to “announce” it during devos at Thursday night’s practice….Although most people probably didn’t put 2 & 2 together until your post 🙂

  13. Awesome! May our Lord richly bless you during this time and keep mom and baby safe. Best wishes, our prayers are with you guys.

  14. Awesome! May our Lord richly bless you during this time and keep mom and baby safe. Best wishes, our prayers are with you guys.


  16. Congratulations!

    Now I will admit, I’m just a dumb guy, and it’s been a long time since I had kids of my own. That said, what *is* that thing that Macy is holding? If it’s what I think it is… oh never mind.


  17. WHOOOO HOOOOO! Congrats! Congrats!

    Whether you want one or not Im praying for a healthy little boy to walk into you world…a boy that will grow into a great man of God to carry on the McKenney name.

    BTW – Have you watched little miss Sunshine yet? That pic of Macy reminded me of it…you have to see it! She is adorable.

  18. Dave S: you don’t recognize that? It’s one of those GPS running units…I think. Actually, it looks more like a pen that has a clock built into it. Hmmmm…upon closer inspection I think it’s a chopstick case.

  19. Congrats guys- That is very awesome. Can’t wait to congratulate you both in person.

  20. I love the way you chose to have the picture announce this. What a great family to be born into! I am happy for all 4 of you!

  21. Heh…I thought it was an automated nose hair picker Matt, but I could be wrong…wait…no I couldn’t be.

    I already said congrats, but is there any point when it just isn’t enough? CONGRATS!

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