100 things in 1000 days

January 1, 2007

My friend Matt has listed on his site 100 things to accomplish in 1000 days.  So I’m following suit…making some cool attainable goals to think about to start this year. I’ll write approx 50 now and 50 later cuz Matt only made it to 50 today and I have a feeling coming up with 100 at one sitting will be tough.

1) Go to Disneyland with my family.

2) Teach Macy to ride a bike.

3) Surprise my wife with a gift that she likes…and I kept it a surprise.

4) Weigh less than 200 pounds.

5) Get my knee fixed whatever that will mean.

6) Convince my wife to get laser eye surgery.

7) Stay ahead of Matt in guitar lessons. 

8) Put new grass on both lawns.

9) Invite at least three neighbors over for dinner.

10) Reconnect on a meaningful level with some of my life long best friends.

11) Read Mere Christianity by C.S. Lewis.

12) Read a John Grisham book.

13) Become a licensed concealed weapons owner of a cool hand gun. 

14) Catch a steel head.

15) Rock jump with a current friend from the place I used to jump from inn high school.

16) Go four wheeling.

17) Be able successfully identify my brothers triplets by name.

18) Be able to say I went one year without soda. (Going on four months now)

19) Have Macy catch a fish by herself.

20) Learn how to delineate pitch with my hand fart noises, so I can play a song.

21) Talk about Christ and what He has done for me with someone outside of my church walls.

22) Go to Mexico to build houses for people.

23) Convince my wife to get my motorcycle permit.

24) Get my motorcycle permit.

25) Get a motorcycle.

26) Complete a devotional book.

27) Attempt to drink a gallon of milk in an hour with Dallas.

28) Take Macy to Mt. Hood with Allison.

29) Rearrange my office for no reason.

30) Stretch to the point I’m actually flexible.

31) Go hunting for the first time.

32) Take a camping trip by myself to somewhere I’ve never been just to connect with God.

33) Give something I treasure away to someone who needs it more than me.

34) Start an accappella group for fun.

35) Get a book on back rub techniques so I can do a better job on my wife’s back. (she’s gonna love this one)

36) Go to Disney World with my family.

37) Go body surfing again even with my fairly recent shark phobia (as in the last eight years) I gained from Shark Week on discovery.

38) Successfully trim our bushes in our yard some year without making my wife cry.

39) Learn how to successfully put my daughters hair in at least two styles.

40) Remain tattoo free…

41) Visit Mike in Georgia

42) Visit Matty in Cali

43) Go to Magic Mountain again and ride on the front car of Goliath and the back car.

44) Get bikes for the whole family and go on a bike ride.

45) Run some type of official running race.

46) Begin vocal lessons again.

47) Write at least one new song that I like.

48) Successfully prank a friend and remain anonymous for at least a month.

49) Shave my head.  Hopefully I won’t procrastinate on this one and do it fairly early on.  Just sounds fun.  Though I do have a mole and last time I did this I learned the hard way where it was.  Hopefully there are no new ones.

50)  Go outdoor paint balling with friends.

51) Teach Macy how to sing in harmony.

52) Begin a random collection like rocks or pennies or something.

53) Own my own bobble head.

54) Have my tonsils removed. 



  1. #29… I can help you with that!

  2. #29… I can help you with that!

  3. Dang..Jclay stole my comment. I was going to say that. But I’ll help anyway.

    Sign me up for #34, I’m flippin’ sweet.

  4. Ummm…you appear to have two #34s. I was referring to the first one. I would suggest that your 51st item be “practice my counting skills”.

  5. I hope these are not in order of importance. 🙂

    “20) Learn how to delineate pitch with my hand fart noises, so I can play a song.

    21) Talk about Christ and what He has done for me with someone outside of my church walls.”

  6. every time i check this, there are more numbers…


  7. I love this. Nice wide variety. There are other friends you can visit if you’d like.

  8. What happened to the other 46 things you are going to do? ;o)

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