November 15, 2006

Music_box_key_1 Right now…a key similar to the one seen in this picture…is occupying some real estate somewhere between Macy’s mouth and her bottom.  That’s right.  She swallowed this object sometime around 4:00pm today while she was supposedly taking a nap. 

32 years I’ve made it not accidentally swallowing anything other than way too much food, and she swallows THIS before her fourth birthday!!  Are you kidding me! 

We found out she should be fine.  We have to keep a close watch over the next 24 hours and make sure everything comes out all right if you know what I mean.  If it doesn’t, she could require surgery.  Also they said stay away from metal detectors and large magnets.  I just made that up. 

Seriously…I am SO THANKFUL that she is o.k.  Thank you God that she is o.k.


  1. one word: OUCH

  2. I’m bringing a super magnet to church on Sunday just in case she hasn’t passed it yet. She’ll be drawn to me and won’t know why. She’ll try to run away, but be pulled in my direction.

    Oh, what fun!

  3. Oh my! I will pray for the worried parents, as well as the Macy ‘processer’. When it comes out, you can clean it up and give it to her for her 18th birthday. Won’t that be nice!
    I hope that you are getting well!

  4. I’m not sure if you remember…but when we lived in PDX, Joey crammed a tic-tac in his nose. We messed with his nose for a while…then he sneezed it out! It was awesome!! 🙂 I’m telling you man, you need 4 boys. Then swallowing keys wouldn’t be a surprise. Hehehe.

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