Blog rules

November 10, 2006


Though I’m sure this has been written….I have yet to see it.  So here is my attempt to create some standards in the blogging world, at least in my little community!  I want to hear from you as well.  Please comment a blog rule to add to the list.

Rule #1  Blog.  If you’re on the fence on whether or not you should, do it. 

Rule #2  Have someone smarter than you set up your blog.  I made this tragic blunder early of trying to do it all myself.  Then Matt Singley rescued my pathetic blog and improved it. 

Rule #3 If you blog, blog often.  Once a month is unacceptable.  Once a week is barely passable.  No one wants to eagerly check your blog only to see the same message that was there the last 50 times we checked your blog.  I am guilty of this often.

Rule #4 Use pictures when you can.  They help.  Its like scratch and sniff.  Keeps us engaged. 

Rule #5 This is a big one.  If you use someone’s name you know in your blog…it has to be positive.  No fair using a blog in any type of personal conflict.

Rule #6  Spell check is a good thing anytime. No one wents too reed a blog fill of spellling errers.

So that’s a start….send me some of your blog rules….


  1. Great guidelines, Jay!

    About Rule #2 and Rule # 4: Help me teacher Jenni, help! I’ll make you a trade. Techie help for some childcare time with Chance?

  2. #7 When you comment on something or someone that has a website or blog, create a link to them. I want to know what you are talking about. I want to know WHO you are talking about.

    #8 Give credit where credit is due. If you see something brilliant or funny on somebody else’s blog, show them some love. Credit them with a link.

    #9 If you use “Floating Thoughts” as a post header send $.50 to Matt Singley

    #10 Just like professional writing, if you are going to have a long post (more than 150 words) tell me IN THE FIRST COUPLE OF SENTENCES what your “thesis” is. Don’t make me read 1/2 way down to figure out what you are talking about…because I WON’T read halfway down

    #11 Use video! YouTube.com is super easy to use

    #12 When in doubt, just send $.50 to Matt Singley anyway.

  3. #13 Remember: You never know who’s going to read your Blog, so think 2x before you post anything, especially personal or identifying things.

    #14 Be ready to be asked about anything on your Blog, if you run into someone, as again, you don’t know who reads it.

    By the way, I love the Post often. If you’re going to have a Blog, it shouldn’t be allowed to grow moss or become fossilized.

  4. #3 is right on… Nothing worse than continually checking someone’s page just to see the same thing! I love going to someone’s page and seeing that they have a new post… it’s like opening a little present – very exciting! (hmmm.. perhaps I need to get a more exciting life…)

  5. I think an exception should be made to rule #3 for those of us who have triplets..what do you think? I’ve only posted once since they’ve been home. Bad me.

  6. I also struggle with #3. I don’t have a gift in the words like my Brother Mac.

  7. 15. How about never let blogging be a substitute for maintaining actual personal contact with people?

  8. What if you don’t know how to post pictures and your husband hasn’t taught you? So, is my blog boring because I don’t have pictures?

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