November 7, 2006

I love my job.  And I love the people I work with.  But boy was today a day that showed me how my relationship tank, and my leadership tank, has serious limits.  I won’t bore you with the details, but its those details that sometimes wear me thin.  I long to be a leader full of passion, ready at a moments notice to let that passion spill over to those around me.  Some days though the opportunity and the resource of passion don’t line up. 

I finished a long day today by sitting around with some key volunteer leaders discussing some very important things in the life of our church.  At a time where I so desired to be full of contagious passion and vision, I reached down in the tank and came up completely empty.  It was very frustrating!

The good news is my wife listened to me rant most of my drive home on the phone about how displeased I was with myself, and how empty my tanks were, and how bad I needed sleep…and she took it and loved me though it. 

I’m looking forward to sleep, and time in the Word tomorrow to put some reserves back in my tanks.

Jay out

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