Suntan in November

November 3, 2006


My white skin almost doesn’t remember what it is like to be tan.  I need sunglasses to look at my own legs.   I am completely camouflaged in a snowstorm.  You get the picture. 

(Quick props to Dave Tilma for sharing this analogy that stuck with me every since I heard him say it…I’ve made it my own dog, but spiritual suntanning came from him!) Some of you lucky people are dark all the time because you were born that way.  Like a lot of you caucasian readers, when I was younger I was dark…all the time.     Time exposed to the sun would continue to do its work on my skin even after I came back indoors.   If I wanted to stay dark, I had to make sure I had exposure to the sun at least a little each day.   I can’t tell you scientifically exactly how the sun changes the pigment of my skin, but it does, without fail. 

When you expose yourself to God’s Word, something miraculous takes place.  You experience a spiritual suntan.  You may not completely understand the text you read that day. Maybe it wasn’t the passage that brought you to tears or changed your life from that moment on…but it did expose you….to the living word of Christ.   And your soul needs regular encounters with God.  Long after you close the book and walk away, His words keep working on us, keeps refining us and shaping us. 

So even though it’s November…how’s your spiritual tan lines coming?  Are you white and nerdy?  Or does your soul show evidence of repeated exposure to God’ s number one way of communicating to us….through His Word?

Psalm 119:103-105

103 How sweet your words taste to me;
      they are sweeter than honey.
   104 Your commandments give me understanding;
      no wonder I hate every false way of life.
   105 Your word is a lamp to guide my feet
      and a light for my path.


  1. You know, I still have that rosy glow, despite the fact that it’s November. Hmmm, free room and board in Guam. We’ll talk in January when you’re desperate.

  2. Fun analogy!
    I never could tan. Only burn. For me, ‘tan’ means being ‘eggshell’ instead of almost transparent white. Nice to think I could have spiritual tan lines!

  3. You Rock! I love your spiritual connections to our glowing lives. Miss ya Brother.

  4. Nice post. I love this idea. I think that we as christian have been told over and over to have our quiet times, but we don’t always understand the spiritual power that it imparts to our lives. Any encounter with the scripture leaves us more empowered and more “tanned”.

  5. I never realized how much journaling helps the word make a more serious dent in my psyche. It’s much more common for me to share an insight from the word when I journaled about it.

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