October 24, 2006

Head=bowling ball  Throat=thick and hostile    Body=weak and cold

The amazing thing is…I can still work!  Laptop Thanks to technology…I’m in my bed on my laptop, receiving a wireless signal, logged in remotely to Sunset’s network. Look how happy this guy looks.  That’s how happy I am, but I don’t look anything like him…I look….sick.   We have a great IT guy at our church, and he makes sure we’re up in running to be able to log in remotely.  Thanks Michael!

Random thoughts for this Tuesday-

*Being sick has it pro’s and con’s…but I’d take feeling great any day of the week.

*Life is fragile…my older brother almost died two days ago…be grateful for your life.

*Morning breath is worse when you’re sick, and can last well past morning.

*Eating right is dang hard.  Dang hard.

*Sleep is underrated.

Have a good Tuesday.



  1. So sad to hear that you are sick! I will pray for protection from the ‘bug’ for the rest of your family, as well as for you to regain health.
    ‘Life is fragile’ is so true. This summer, I celebrated my decade mark since a face-off with death due to lymphoma. I would not have met your family, or experienced so many of the friendships that I now hold dear! What a gift, to be granted more time!

  2. I’m sorry your sick Brother. Praying.

  3. Sometimes we all need a sick day. Don’t infect the rest of us, ok?? Get better soon – the office was waaaaaay too quiet today without you!

  4. I hope you feel better…=o( I’m praying for you.

  5. Totally infected over here. My throat is really sore. Ugh. Hope I get rid of it by Saturday… Resnick and I have a gigaroo!

  6. so glad you posted an anonymous image rather than your own pic… based on the description you shared with the class… ew- so unattractive bowling ball head!

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