cadillac of lasers??

October 18, 2006

Laser This little baby is dubbed the "Cadillac of lasers".  Its what Lance Armstrong uses for his injuries, to help speed up recovery.  Its called an Erchonia Laser…and in a few minutes they will shoot my knee with this "laser".  The hope is to put it in better shape for the surgery on Nov. 8th.  Secretly I hope for a malfunction and mutant super powers as a result.  If I look at you strange and intently….like I’m trying to get beams of light to shoot from my eyes…and nothing happens…consider yourself lucky.


One comment

  1. Whooah! So should I maybe sit further from the front of the church on Sunday, just in case you look my way? Poor Janet. She has to sit in the front row! :o)
    I have your surgery date marked and prayers are streaming on your behalf!

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