Jerry McGuire

October 16, 2006

Jerrymaguire_releaseposter NOT  a movie I recommend…but I pulled a Jerry McGuire yesterday.  You know the part where he writes a spontaneous passion filled memo to his whole office…only to immediately wish he would not have sent it out?? 

Well…ya…I sorta did that yesterday.  Proposed some drastic immediate changes…sent it out to all the big shots where I work.  Response so far….  "Love your enthusiasm Jay…but….."   Its good to be humbled, and remind myself I’m not as smart as I want to be yet!

Jay McGuire….out


  1. I love your enthusiasm AND, not but!

  2. I love your enthusiasm AND, not but!

  3. … so Jerry McGuire gets fired.

  4. I want to see said memo! You KNOW how I hate to not be included!!!!

  5. Jerry,
    Been there, done that. Passion is best served with one day of tempering and 8-hours sleep, but then you know that…now.

  6. Remember Jerry ends up the hero. As the movie ends, he is the superstar of Sports Agents. So even though others may have thought your ideas were a little out there, as they did Jerry’s, it may end up being exactly what is needed.

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