feel like writing

October 2, 2006

No clue what I’m going to write right now…just feel like getting some thoughts out.

Church yesterday was awesome.  The band was amazing.  One to One was terrific as usual. Laura V. did an incredible job leading worship.  Ron gave the gospel clear and consice.  HORDES of people came forward to nail their sins to a cross.  It was one of those days when I was proud to call Sunset home.

Saturday Macy, Allison and I went to the Zoo.

Highlights: *Macy had a blast but only wanted to stay at one exhibit for about 30 seconds.

               *The Tigers were very active…and they are my favorite. 

              *Chimpanzees are gross and do things I don’t want to write here. 

We also got our pictures taken on Sunday for the church directory.  O.K. is it just me or has Olan Mills been doing the same poses and backdrops for about 100 years now?  I feel like a need to wear a neck brace when I leave a photo session.  I think they have a goal to manipulate you into the most awkward position they can create before snapping the photo.  If I had a dollar for every time I was told to "tilt" in the span of five minutes I’d go shopping today for something cool.

I’m fairly sure that after three weeks of some pretty significant effort to lose weight I’m a couple pounds fatter. 

Tonight is Macy’s gymnastic class….which is pure entertainment.

And then at eight, I will sit back for an hour of uplifting, enlightening, encouraging content in the form of the show Prison Break.



  1. We STILL haven’t had our picture taken. I think I’m going to get in trouble. Ooops… shouldn’t have mentioned this BEFORE my review…


  3. Yeah and that guy who took the shots was pretty stiff too…

  4. Too bad you couldnt just give them your Cuban shot

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