September 16, 2006

Today Allison and I went and helped my little 91606_feeding_triplets_004 brother and sister in law feed their triplets, Kynden, Adelynn, and Ellyanna.  They are SO SMALL!  My particular baby of the day crushed the others in how fast she drank the bottle.  I should have placed a bet.  Kind of of like horse racing but for babies. 

The smallest one at one point burped so loud a Hell’s Angel would have been jealous.  And one of them passed some gas that was so potent we’re pretty sure somehow she had eaten some raw sewage.

Random thoughts about triplets:

*That’s 60 fingers and toes!  One of them is getting smashed.

*The circus should always remain an option.

*Invest in a plunger.

*Thank you Lord for Veggie Tales.


  1. You look so SERIOUS in that pic! What a good uncle you are – what does Macy think of the babies?

  2. Wow! triplets! That’s so amazing! Are they identical or unidentical? I couldn’t tell when I saw their picture in your photo album. It must be fun for Macy to have triplet cousins. =)


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