clown mimes

September 13, 2006

So…recently a staff member approached me and shared that she wanted to do something in staff prayer, and that she wanted me to sing a song out of it that would go with her skit.  She told me the song, and asked if I would lead it acappella when she gave me the cue.  I was reluctant in spirit, because I didn’t really fully grasp what she would be doing and how this would work, but I said sure I could help her out and I went for it.

So the day arrived, which was today.  There were about 40 people in a circle, and in came my co-worker dressed as a clown doing a mime routine.  People were guessing what she was acting out, which was basically miming about her missions trip to Russia.  She then gave me the nod.

At first nothing came out of my mouth.  40 people, looking at the clown, were about to hear me break out in song for no apparent reason. 

Finally, sound…but no one was singing with me..

I keep singing…a few join…

I then talk to some people afterwards who were quite sure I had spontaneously broken out in song during a mime routine.

Just another day at church.



  1. LOVE your new banner – and pic!!

  2. I see some changes have been made. =)

    That beard’s a new look for you, I’m so used to seeing to shaved.

    Trying new things?

    I like your sunset banner at the top too.

    God bless your week,

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