O.K. I get it

August 14, 2006

Yesterday I was overwhelmed.  My job, which I love, was consuming me.  I was feeling perpetually behind.  I expressed to a friend how it felt like slowly but surely, I was getting swallowed up by quick sand.  In ministry, there is ALWAYS way more to do than time in a day to do it.  So yesterday I was almost to the point of despair.  There was a conference going on in our church that I felt I didn’t have any time for.  My good friend Kurt instant messaged me to come to the 2oclock session with him.  I gave a quick retort that expressed to him my time constraint and how I wish I had an hour to give to all kinds of things let alone whatever was happening in the sanctuary at the moment. (sorry Kurt, I was a jerk.)

So I went.

And then I’m sure God got a good laugh as He watched my face when I heard Andy Stanley talk about the smartest ministry decision he has ever made. He decided many years ago that in the balance of ministry and family, he would choose family.  Andy talked directly about my situation and how I was feeling.  And I mean directly. I was trying not to squirm in my seat and be obvious that I was guilty of everything that was being shared from the platform.  Guilty of forgetting that I don’t build the church, God does.  Guilty of thinking that if I don’t…fill in the blank, then it, whatever it is won’t get done.  Guilty of leaning my priorities stronger toward church then my unique roles of husband and father. 

God will build His church, he has done it just fine without me for a couple of thousand years, He knows what He is doing.  And so today, I’m thankful for the change of perspective and the freedom it brings this morning.  God’s in charge, He’s building His church, and the gates of hell won’t prevail against it.  And even when I feel behind in 2006, at Sunset Presbyterian, in



, I’m pretty sure God can fill in the gaps for my shortcomings!!


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