July 29, 2006

Normally I work from home on Friday’s.  My schedule during the week at church is so crazy that often I find almost no time to get administrative things done. So Friday has become a sort of catch up day at home with no interruptions other than the occasional hugs and kisses when my daughter comes down to say hi….an extremely worth while interruption!

Today I came in anyway because I needed to connect with one of my co-workers, it had been a while.   We have kept in constant contact over the phone and email, but somehow that’s just not good enough.  There is simply no replacement for face to face interaction.  Any relationship that will grow over time has to have it.  It is a hard lesson for me to learn, and I’m still learning it.  Of all the things I could, should, and need to do in my job, in my family or elsewhere, nothing is as important as relationships with people. 

Who do you need to connect with this upcoming week?  I know.  You’re busy.  So am I.  If I’m too busy for relationships then I’m too busy, period. 

One comment

  1. Dude its so hard for me to stay out of the office on Friday and Saturday…just seems like nothing work wise gets done through the four days Im in the office…so anything with flexable time is done on Fridays….lets work to change that.

    PS – thanks for the accountability this week…

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