gag reflex

July 24, 2006

Reading 1 Cor 13 is always a bit like going to the dentist.  It makes me uncomfortable.  There’s nothing like a high speed drill millimeters from my gum, spinning gritty pasty stuff inside a mouth full of spit, while I’m trying to stop my gag reflex until they can put that horrible miniature vacuum cleaner in my mouth that is supposed to make it all better but usually makes me finally gag like a cat with a hair ball.

I think what is so uncomfortable is I’m painfully aware of how many times I’m not patient, not kind.  Of how many times I’ve envied, or had a boastful spirit, or been SELF SEEKING.  Oh man that ones huge.  And easily angered, and kept a record of wrongs…need I go on?   And yet this chapter describes love as the opposite of all those things. 

And so, as I read this chapter again and experience another root canal of the soul, I find myself praying to God to radically alter my core, to change me, to infuse me with His essence until it crowds out my flesh and takes over.  I don’t want to have to work on being patient, loving and kind.  I want the Holy Spirit to BE patient, loving and kind THROUGH ME.   And so I consider now I don’t ask nearly enough for that.  I don’t wait on Him nearly enough for that. 

Gonna go get on my face and ask for that some more.  And then I’m going to floss so I don’t have to go to the dentist. 


  1. Maybe if you start going to Mexican dentists like Shane did a few weeks ago it won’t be so bad. They can even surgically implant cow lips on you if you would like. Go floss.

  2. “root canal for the soul” … is that like diarrhea to the fingers?

  3. These dental analogies reveal a lot to me about you…

  4. These dental analogies reveal a lot to me about you…

  5. All I can say is unique…both the entry and the comments. Jenni has an…interesting sense of humor.

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