July 21, 2006

Something is different today.  I notice it the second I open my eyes.  My vision seems sharper.  I feel stronger.  A lot stronger.  As I climb out of bed I and my feet hit the ground I feel for a moment like I’m floating.  Looking in the mirror, amazement and excitement overwhelm me as I discover that a full blue Superman outfit has replaced my pajamas and I have in fact become the Man of Steel with no explanation of why. 

Welcome to my reoccurring fantasy through my childhood and even some adult years. I have always loved superheroes.  What is a superhero?  A person with supernatural powers, with a desire to help people.  Of course in my daydreams I focused a lot more on the superpowers and showing them off then the actual helping people part. 

Quick comparison.  Superman vs God.  Superman can fly.  God dreamed up the concept of flight.  Superman can blow wind out of his mouth.  God creates wind and stores it somewhere only He knows.  Superman is pretty strong.  God could collapse the universe as we know it with a mere thought. 

Superman desired to help people.  As many as he could get to by flying from situation to situation that is. Of course he did take time to fly

Lois Lane

around in the clouds, and during those times people were on their own! God gave His only Son to save us from our enemy and the consequences of our sin, and He knows no bounds of time or space to come to the rescue of any one of us at any time. 

God is a hero.  God is a superhero.  Have you thought of Him in that light lately?  Have you considered His strength?  His power?  Have you thanked Him for how He has rescued you in a way that makes


look silly?  Have you considered where you would be right now if God did not fight for you? 

Psalm 68:20 
Our God is a God who saves; from the Sovereign LORD comes escape from death.


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