May 31, 2006

The number one way I would hate to leave this world involves a swarm of bees covering my head and stinging me to death.  Good times. When I was young I would catch as many bees as I could in a jar and torture them.  They have repaid me by haunting my psyche ever since.  If you want to see a comedic moment, watch what happens when a bee flies into any confined space I happen to occupy, particularly a vehicle. 

Living in suburbia, my chance of the swarm and the whole head thing are pretty slim.   But if I wanted to, I could really increase my odds by switching careers and becoming a bee keeper, or a bee exterminator.  Who are these people and when did they lose their sanity?

A prayer I often pray goes something like this; “God, please provide me an opportunity to share my faith.”  Now this is not wrong, and God has answered that prayer for me in my life many times.  But today as I was reading Acts, I was struck with the reality that Paul and Silas often went beyond my well intentioned prayer.  In chapter 16, I read that they would frequently go to places they knew people would gather with the sole purpose of striking up conversations with them regarding their faith.  If I pray my prayer in suburbia, within the walls of my house, or my office, or even sometimes my church, but leave it at that, what’s it worth? If I pray my prayer and then frequently go places or actively invite people to spend time with me, when I know I will have opportunity to connect and converse, I believe that shows God I was serious about the desire behind the prayer.  The key behind the word go is it involves action.  What steps am I taking to provide opportunity to come into contact with people who need to be encouraged, and need the truth? 


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