It’s the little things

May 31, 2006

I just spent two hours writing a


news devotional.  Got done….and it just wasn’t right.  So now I’m sitting wondering if I have anything of value to say to you on this Friday that won’t end up getting scrapped again two hours from now.   Ever been there?  Wandering if you have anything of value to offer someone or encourage them with?

One of my wife’s best friend’s mom went into a coma suddenly and without warning a couple of weeks ago.  The family had to eventually take her off life support, and she hung around for over 72 hours before going to be with the Lord.  She was young, mid fifties.  I went to her funeral yesterday.  Her daughter has been absolutely devastated, they were very close.  Over the last couple of weeks, my wife has felt helpless how to reach out to her friend.  She has done little things.  A phone call.  An email.  Dropping off Starbucks coffee.  Yesterday both this friend and her husband thanked Allison and let her know how much her support has meant to them over the last couple of weeks.  I could see in their eyes they were deeply sincere and very touched.

My point.  It is the little things.  If you feel like you don’t have much to offer to anyone, and that it won’t make a difference anyway, you’re wrong.  Most of us are so self consumed most of the time, that to break out of that in any small way and make a gesture towards someone else, any gesture, is rare and unique…and encouraging.  So before today ends…make a small gesture to someone who needs it.

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