a thought on worship

March 24, 2006

Non-partisan worshippers

In 2006, if you want a controversial subject that quickly forms sides and heated debate, start talking politics.  Democrat, republican, conservative, liberal, war, peace, taxes, health care…..these are just words…but there is so much behind them to get your pulse up.

Step inside a church with more than 2 people…and I’ll give you another ticking time bomb subject.  Music.

Traditional, contemporary, hymns, chorus’s, performance, drums, organs. 

So why the emotion?  Why the deep connection to particular styles, certain traditions or lack thereof?  Why is music so controversial?

I believe in my heart of hearts that because music is God’s invention, and is so powerful in the way it penetrates the mind and soul, that there is serious spiritual warfare surrounding music in the church. What God desires for good, Satan desires to use to divide and draw attention away from God.  

Sometimes I wonder what God is thinking when we go round and round through the ages discussing the “right” way to worship Him.   I wonder if He ever says, “Enough discussing….just get busy worshipping!”  Not that style isn’t an important subject to ponder, but I believe that God is looking for some “non-partisan” worshippers who are much more interested in the truth of God and the adoration of Him, then the form attached.

Won’t it be grand in heaven someday, when He gives us a new song we will all sing together, to bring glory to His name!! 


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